EWTKMC is an in-progress, stylized visual novel with puzzle elements that take the form of combat sequences. I designed the visual style for the interface, which is inspired by Japanese visual novels and features non-uniform elements that are very playful and angular. I am working with a small, mostly remote team of seven on this project.



When the player is in a combat sequence, they are brought to this screen, which features an incoming series of icons from the attacker. You can bring a party of three characters with you before each combat sequence, and their inventories of icons can be used to defend yourself in this matching/puzzle game.

Character Wordmarks

The game features the main character and seven assassins, who, to protect their identities, are named after the days of the week. I designed wordmarks for each one, using unique fonts, shapes, and colors to match their personalities.

Activity Icons

The player can select an activity for each in-game day, and each one is selected by choosing an icon. These icons are designed to look like stickers, with bold colors and outlines.

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