Roots of Sarkos

Communication is key in Roots of Sarkos, an asymmetric platformer with an emphasis on cooperation between two players. One player guides, the other acts, and both work together in what has been described as a digital equivalent of a trust-fall.


This game was designed and created by the 20 person team of the 2015-2016 class of the Denius-Sams Gaming academy, of which I was a part.


On this project, I was the lead UI/UX designer and artist. As part of preproduction, I created wireframes to plan the user flow and menus layouts. During production, I designed mockups for all the menu states and HUD elements for each player using Photoshop. I then exported the assets, implemented them in Unity, and iterated these elements during the course of development.

The interface uses a warm, natural color palette to emphasize the setting of an organic world. A common visual element I used throughout the interface is the diamond with arrows pointing out from either side, representing the dual nature of the gameplay.

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