Eye, Eye, Cap'n

In this “anti-VR” game designed for the 2018 VR Austin Game Jam, the player is tasked with the goal of shooting one of their eyes through any of the hoops laid out across a pirate ship’s deck. Designed by a small team over a weekend, this experiment into breaking one of the most important rules of virtual reality - never changing the view between eyes - was a lot of fun to play around with.

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30 Second Trailer

I designed much of the environment, including the skybox, the water, the sun, and barrels. I also experimented with diegetic UI. Since no display that instantaneously changes a number on a screen would make sense on a pirate ship, I challenged myself to come up with a type of physical number display that would be appropriate. I designed, modeled, and textured the score machine, which displays four digits on rotating cylinders.

2 Minute Playthrough

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