Lars Olson Designs Stuff
user experience + game design
Hey there!

My name is Lars Olson, and I like to design all kinds of things. I specialize in UI/UX design and game development, often doing both at the same time. I have a passion for making beautiful interfaces with excellent usability.

As a wearer of many hats, my experience also includes graphic design, typography, scripting, video editing, and sometimes making art in the third dimension. I'm always curious and always learning...

​I'm a native Wisconsinite and certified lover of pineapple on pizza. I currently reside in Austin, Texas. I'm a co-founder of The Bread & Butter Game Co.

My mission as a game developer is to combine creative mechanics, aesthetics, and a whole lot of polish - all in the name of making genuinely charming experiences that never get in the way of the player's fun.

But most importantly, I never take myself too seriously.